7th Street connector to become a pedestrian plaza

This afternoon, the Davis Garden Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District approved a proposal to allocate just over $200,000 for the permanent closure of the Davis to 7th Street connector and the creation of a pedestrian plaza (the “Rosemont Plaza”) over the closed road.

The closing of the connector has been a long time goal of the neighborhood and this action brings that dream closer to reality.  The approval of funds starts the design process for the plaza, which is currently only in concept form.  We will keep the neighborhood apprised of developments, but it looks like the traffic cones will finally give way to permanent landscaping and hardscaping.  Come celebrate this achievement at our National Night Out at Heights Garden on October 4 at 6 p.m.  We are gathering at Heights Garden this year, at 7th and Rosemont, right at the site of the new Rosemont Plaza

With the development of the proposed multi-family housing complex at the corner of Rosemont and Davis, that entrance to Winnetka Heights is going to be transformed in the coming months.  The Neighborhood Association will monitor these developments to make sure that the concerns of neighbors, particularly as related to traffic and parking, are heard.

The money allocated to the Rosemont Plaza stems from an agreement between the City of Dallas and INCAP whereby INCAP contributed $1 million to the Davis Garden TIF in lieu of constructing median and other street improvements.  The District also approved funding a safe bike route around Rosemont Elementary, improvements to the Davis Street corridor for bicycle safety, and funds for the Kessler Theater for pedestrian amenities and other improvements  around the theater. The Kessler Theater funds will be matched on a three-to-one basis by a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Texas Department of Transportation.

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  1. Arthur Clarke
    Arthur Clarke says:

    Closing the connector is not an improvement. Turning right onto Rosemont from Davis is dangerous. The intersection is not 90 degrees and requires a slower speed to maneuver than a 90 degree intersection. The slower turning speed increases the chances for a rear-end collision.

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