Updated List of Neighborhood Holiday Home Tour Sponsors – Thank you!

Mike & Angela Webb

Steve & Candace Bossay

Alfonso Mirabal

John & Linda Engelhard

Jack & Carol Hagler

Rob Romano

Jackson & Linda Bailey

Holli Murray

Trey & Alex a Taylor

John Burns

Marijane Michael

Kirk & Joy Kirksey

Steve & Rebecca Clark

Brent & Jen McDougal

Chris & Emily Ruth Cannon

Anne Rundell  & Jason Huffman

Robert A Casstevens

Russ Aikman

Sandi Adams

Cindy McCord

Bob Rodrigez & Teresa Norton

Lisa Shirley

Kimberlea A. Roe

Chris Barker & Lee Ruiz

2 replies
  1. Ray
    Ray says:

    So with the Holiday lights being so close to Thanksgiving this year, when do people typically start decorating their houses? May shoot for the “Martha” award and Lawd knows I don’t want demerits for starting too early. 🙂

  2. Lee Ruiz (President)
    Lee Ruiz (President) says:

    Ray, I don’t think it can be too early. This year, with the lights judging on the first weekend, we are encouraging people to start soon. So, don’t worry about starting whenever you like. We used to do the lights judging later in December, but we moved it up to light for Home Tour day. Actually, I am surprised that Chris and Bill havent’ built a frosty North Pole in their front yard by now!

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