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Music in the Air

Oak Cliff has never run short on creativity, especially in the creative arts. A rich history that goes back almost 100 years and has produced some notable song writers, actors/actresses, artists, authors, publishers, musicians, and those who write poetry. In 1924, V. O. Stamps founded a music company and entered into a partnership with J. […]

Freeways and Wynnewood

Did you ever wonder what Oak Cliff — or anywhere — was like without freeways? My grandmother told a story of how the family would pile in the horse-drawn wagon (on Winnetka) and take an all day trek to White Rock Lake. It took the horse forever to cross town, but it seemed to move […]

Memories of Winnetka Heights and more

The original thought was to start around 1975 when we moved into the neighborhood. But then I remembered that my history of this neighborhood goes back much further. My grandparents built their home next door in 1912 when all that existed was an open field behind them. They raised a family of seven kids, one […]

Christmas in Oak Cliff

Sounds like eons ago to describe Christmas in Oak Cliff during the 1950s. Like any kid that time of year was a lot of fun. Jefferson Blvd was definitely the place to shop and see Santa. Wynnewood was growing, but made up of a grocery store, a dime store, and a few specialty stores in […]

Mom and Pop at its best

He had nothing when he moved to Oak Cliff from a small town about 1936, striking out on his own in a big city. It was the day when the family gathered around the radio for entertainment. Bee Appliance started when Colvin Bee started with a small radio repair shop in an Oak Cliff garage, […]