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Your Membership and Social Corner

We would like to begin by acknowledging and thanking Chris Barker for his years of service as the membership chair. Going far beyond organizing happy hours and welcoming new members, Chris has served on most event committees over the years as well.

Chris will be succeeded by Erin Slettebo, who currently also serves as our Green Chair. Erin is already at work planning the next happy hour, so if you’ve got any suggestions for her, feel free to send her an email.

If you’ve just moved to the neighborhood, be sure to let me know. I don’t want to miss anyone who didn’t receive a Winnetka Heights Neighborhood Membership Packet.

This packet provides the new resident of WH with useful information as well as local coupons and contact information. Please contact me at to receive your packet. This is for new residents only.

Annual Donation Time
We suggest an annual donation for each household in WH of $35. This helps us with the costs of running the association and having neighborhood events. For the $35 donation you receive a WHNA T-shirt. A new shirt has been designed to follow up the Centennial shirt, and those who make the annual donation will be the first to get it. You will also receive two WH car stickers. You may purchase the shirts separately for $20. They run from adult size small to 3XL.

I hope you will consider making a donation to your neighborhood!

Breaking Ground at the Kessler Theater

(l - r) Mayor Tom Leppert, Richard Davis, Lisa Cabaniss, Edwin Cabaniss, Emily Elbert, David Haedge, Jack Hagler  Photo Courtesy of Barry Kooda

(l - r) Mayor Tom Leppert, Richard Davis, Lisa Cabaniss, Edwin Cabaniss, Emily Elbert, David Haedge, Jack Hagler Photo Courtesy of Barry Kooda

On Friday, June 19, many North Oak Cliff locals witnessed the resurrection of the Kessler Theater at the corner of Clinton and Davis right here in historic Winnetka Heights. It was hard to imagine what this hot, dimly lit space might one day become. Many of us have driven past this vacant theater for years wondering if anything would ever come of it. Edwin and Lisa Cabaniss, residents of Kessler Park, purchased the theater at the first of the year. Their vision for this space has been a kind of work in progress and is still evolving. They envision it being a dance studio for Lisa and also performance space for local talent.

Edwin chose Winnetka Heights neighbors, Richard Davis and Jack Hagler as project architect and theater consultant, respectively. They have great plans for the building. Also among the attendees that evening was Mayor Tom Leppert. Tom does not come to Winnetka often, so it was truly an honor for him to come and mark this momentous occasion. After the groundbreaking, Emily Elbert, a local up-and-coming singer-song writer, put on the first public performance in the space. YouTube has the video of the performance if anyone is interested.

Edwin is committed to work with neighborhood leadership to make sure that his project is something that Winnetka Heights will support whole-heartedly. The last thing he wants is a bunch of upset neighbors. His had been very open and upfront and is a pleasure to work with. He plans to have his first event somewhere around New Year’s.

Stay tuned for more details as this project evolves.

Celebrating the Summer Yard of the Season

Summer Yard of the Season Winner!

Summer Yard of the Season Winner!

Congratulations to Paul and Claudia Muniz for a lovely front yard during the hot summer months. The Muniz family lives at 214 S. Windomere. Great job!

Judging was held on July 4th weekend.

Code Corner

As summer continues, here are a few tips and reminders to consider:

  • Only 2 garage sales per year, per house; they must be in the back yard or garage!
  • Observe City Code concerning automatic sprinkler systems; they should not be on between 10am and 5pm
  • Keep applying for CAs for ALL significant front yard landscaping changes

4th Annual Night in the Heights

View the 2009 Night in the Heights Gallery

View the 2009 Night in the Heights Gallery

Winnetka Heights celebrated its 4th Annual Night in the Heights on Saturday April 18th. As in past years, three neighborhood homeowners transformed their homes for the evening with inspiration from three unique foreign destinations. Food, drink, and entertainment from the host countries were provided at each house, celebrating the food and culture of Portugal, Japan and Sweden. Photos of the event are available in the gallery! If you have any, send them to whnaadmin (at) winnetkaheights (dot) org!

We’d like to once again thank the people who made Night in the Heights possible. Most importantly, we want to recognize the homeowners Leslie and Laura Penney, George Lee, and Paul and Cindy Maute. The array of food and drinks at each house were delightful. A special thanks goes to Paul and Cindy who graciously allowed us to extend our visit in Sweden until the wee hours of the morning! (though we’ll understand if we’re not invited back). We would also like to thank Rob Romano and the entire committee that organized the evening.

The cap on attendance this year limited slightly the proceeds from the event, but the smooth transitions between houses and in food lines were more than worth it. All said, the event still netted the neighborhood over $3,000 into the beautification fund!

Anyone with ideas for a project in the neighborhood that could make use of these funds should contact any member of the WHNA executive board.