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Winter Yard of the Season

Winter Yard of the Season judging took place on Saturday, January 31st. Elizabeth White at 106 N Willomet is the winner!

Yard of the season winner

Turner House Porch Repairs are Underway

Turner House, at 401 N. Rosemont in Oak Cliff, is receiving a major facelift. The modified Prairie Four-square home was built in 1912 by J. P. Blake, one of the four original developers of Winnetka Heights. It has been the home of the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts since 1957. The house is structurally very sound, but due to water infiltration, the front porch roof has been deteriorating for many years.


By the end of 2008, the damage had truly reached a critical point. In December, the Society made a decision to go forward with a complete reconstruction of the porch. Ballantyne Roofing Company, which has worked on many historic structures in Oak Cliff and the greater Dallas area, was selected to do this work. After obtaining the necessary Certificate of Appropriateness and permits from the city, they began work in their shop during the holidays, preparing structural components, and then started work at Turner House on January 12th.


The ceramic tile was removed, the entire wood structure is being dismantled and a new structure is being built. The project is to be completed by February 20th. Turner House is closed for rentals during the construction, but will be open again for hosting private and community events starting February 21st. This project is part of the Society’s long range plan for completely restoring Turner House by its 100th anniversary in 2012.


The mission of the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts is to preserve Turner House as a historic venue for celebrating life events, fostering community connections, preserving history and promoting the arts. To learn more about the non-profit Society and Turner House, visit


Davis St. Zoning and Land Use Study

The Davis St. Zoning and Land Use Study will be presented at Hitt Auditorium, Methodist Hospital, Monday, January 26, from 6:30-9:00PM  This is the followup meeting that was discussed at our neighborhood meeting last week.  The entire plan will be presented and discussed at length.  At the end of the presentation there will be a question/answer and comment session.  If you feel strongly either way about the study, you will have an opportunity to speak your mind.
Hope to have a large turnout from our neighborhood.

More information is available on the web at:

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

To our wonderful Winnetka Heights neighbors,

I am writing this to ask our caring community to come together and rally for one of our families that could really use our assistance.  The Arnold family, as many of you are aware, have three beautiful children, triplets, one of whom (sweet Nate), has been hospitalized for over 7 weeks and is in critical condition – likely remaining in the hospital for a few more months. This has obviously put their family under great stress with Kim living at the hospital 6 days out of 7 while Chris and Kim’s mother,Stephanie, are simultaneously working and caring for Drew and Matt by themselves.

They are exhausted, physically and emotionally, and would find it so helpful if we could provide them with meals over the coming few months.

NOTE: PLEASE LOGIN to the WINNETKAHEIGHTS.ORG/forum – Neighbors helping Neighbors thread and Reply to the initial post with dates you can help.

We are asking for neighbors to provide one or two meals a month for the next few months – (Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays).   If meals could be dropped off before 7pm, that would be best. Feel free to drop the meal on the porch.

Also please visit their blogsite which tells Nate’s story and is a place to leave your thoughts and prayers:

Thanks to all in advance for your care and concern.