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    Thanks to Rachel for emailing –

    Thanks so much for the suggestions Rachel – I did some research and found out the cookie that is set by the forum has to match the domain – duh. When I switched domains from the testing – to I forgot to update the URL for the cookie as well.

    Switched it to the site and auto-logins now work!

    Also – updated the ‘New’ or ‘Unread’ icons to a darker green so they are clearly different from the ‘Read’ icons.

    Back to the cookie issue – I’m thinking that’s why some folks had trouble retrieving their passwords. Hopefully updating the cookie did the trick!


    On Aug 11, 2008, at 9:49 AM, Rachel Hoehn wrote:

    I am still having some issues logging in. For example I have it in my favorites but when I pull up the page it says in the big white space. “No items have matched your criteria” So I click on one of the tabs like Forums, Calender, etc… and it come up correctly. However I am not logged in so I go to the bottom of the page and log in. I look at a post when finished I click on the forum tab again and I am not logged in. This is a VERY minor thing just thought I would let you know.
    P.S. Oh is there anyway that the graphic or color of new post could be more different. It is hard to tell which are new posts. Thanks 🙂

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